Jack Talty in Klank magazine

Klank magazine publishes article on concertina player Jack Talty

Klank magazine (www.klank.nl) is a Dutch magazine catered to accordeon and concertina players in The Netherlands and Belgium. Four times a year they produce a great magazine with various articles ranging from interviews, repair tips, accounts of interesting events and much much more.


Jack Talty in Klank magazine

In the 3rd issue of 2017 they published an article I have written on Irish concertina legend Jack Talty. Jack Talty has been a tutor for irishtradmusic’s two concertina workshops in the past. In november I sat down with him to talk about his life and his take on concertina playing.

Wiley Willow

Included with the article are the notes to one of his own compositions, the slip jig named ‘Wiley Willow’. An instructional video of him playing the tune slowly and then at speed can be found at this page.

Enjoy the article! The magazine can be ordered at www.klank.nl!